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Characteristics of cold pressing machine

Dec 02, 2016

Cold pressing machine in normal operation shall comply with the following:

(1) the hydraulic oil demand is suitable for cold press oil, generally USES 45 ﹟ anti abrasion hydraulic oil.

(2) the use of cold press oil should be updated once 1 year to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

(3) other parts to regular maintenance.

(4) pay attention to the lighting in the work, make the operator and staff can clearly see that the electric cabinet table number, try to leave no dead Angle. Cold pressing machinge worshop clean requested in brightly lit.

(5). Every day to see the relevant operation situation are in good condition.

(6). Every day to see whether there is a phenomenon of oil, and timely maintenance.

(7). All landowners succession on both sides to do the bottom of the pay cut, take seriously, at the same time the succession situation and the problems and operation conditions for record.