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The characteristics of the peanut oil press

Dec 02, 2016

A. High efficiency and energy saving "ordinary oil raw material machining 50 kilograms to power 1 hour 13 kw motor, this machine processing 50 kg of raw material, just 5 minutes 3 kw motor power consumption, efficiency improve several times, save electricity above 90%.

2. Appreciation: ordinary oil press material after rolling press, by-product as animal feed, only after the machine processing, such as every one hundred jins of peanut oil extract, 28-35 kg, restorable peanuts can also be processed into high protein, low fat green food, such as processing and spicy peanut, fishskin peanuts, peanut tofu, artificial meat, peanuts, pickles, peanuts, sugar, peanut, grain, etc all kinds of peanut food. Higher value-added products.

3. Non-lossy: ordinary oil press adopts screw extrusion, produce high temperature, reduce product nutrition, 6% loss of raw materials, the machine adopts physical squeezing, without heating, there are no losses, two adjustable, oil can be compared with famous brands.

4. Environmental protection: ordinary oil press, rolling after pressing need other raw material oil, and big noise. The machine adopts direct filtration, do not need oil low noise, do not add any chemical raw materials, production process, accord with standard of green food.

5. The actual benefit analysis: each machine (10 hours) for processing peanuts every day more than 1 ton, every one thousand jins of peanut oil more than 300 jins, worth 3500 yuan of above. After pressing peanut 700 jins, worth 2400 yuan. Every one thousand jins, 4500 yuan, buy peanut production and processing 1000 tons peanut margin of up to one thousand yuan of above, monthly profit of 30000 yuan. Such as the squeeze peanut deep processing again, after the more substantial benefits.