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The working principle of cold pressing machine

Dec 02, 2016

So the person who (freeze drying machine) has the refrigeration system. In the person of the refrigeration system, the evaporator is conveying equipment, cooling capacity in which refrigerant absorbs heat of compressed air, achieve the goal of dehydration. Compressor is the heart, plays a suction, compression, transmission of refrigerant steam for use. Condenser is exothermic equipment, will be absorbed in the evaporator heat along with heat input power compressor is passed to the cooling medium (such as water or air). Expansion valve/throttle valve throttling pressure drop of refrigerant, at the same time, control and adjust the number of flows into the evaporator refrigerant liquid, and the system is divided into the high side and low voltage side of two parts. 

In addition to the above parts, SSS person also contains the energy regulator, high and low voltage protection device, automatic drain valve and control system etc.