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The Structure Of The Net Oil

Jun 08, 2017

The benefits of net oil are:

1, keep the engine oil clean.

2, to reduce the engine wear, greatly reducing the engine failure rate, reduce maintenance costs.

3, to extend the oil drain cycle, reduce the consumption of lubricants.

4, to extend the filter filter replacement cycle, reduce filter consumption, Oil Cleaning Machine reduce the cost of waste filter processing.

Oil purifier, also known as oil purifier, filter oil in the solid impurities, moisture, improve the performance of oil equipment. Nuoqing card with pressure filtration or vacuum evaporation - pressure filtration method to remove impurities in pure oil and moisture in the filter unit. Oil Cleaning Machine The oil filter is mainly used to improve the insulation of electrical oil and the purity of lubricating oil.

Oil purifier, focusing on the "net", can remove moisture, solid particles, gas three kinds of impurities. The oil filter, focusing on the "filter", can not remove gas impurities.

Oil filter in the form of structural points: plate and frame oil purifier, high-precision oil machine, Oil Cleaning Machine vacuum oil purifier, renewable oil, centrifugal oil purifier;

To use the media points: oil oil machine, transformer oil net oil, anti-fuel oil machine

The oil purifier is a purifying device that produces high-clean oil, which has a purifying effect on particles of any size and any composition, and has a large amount of pollutant.

Experiments show that the net oil treatment, the physical and chemical properties of oil without change, static electricity on the various additives in the oil without any adverse effects, Oil Cleaning Machine and the oil flash point, doubt, viscosity, mechanical impurities, acid Indicators have improved.

Performance indicators: for 100 liters below the NAS12 level of contaminated oil, after 4 hours of continuous filtration, oil cleanliness to NAS8 level, 8 hours after the NAS6 level, with the purification time, cleanliness can be further improved , To meet the hydraulic servo system and precision machine tools on the cleanliness of the oil requirements. Scope and market forecast: Preparation of high cleanliness of the oil; equipment, normal work bypass cleaning; pollution of oil regeneration. It can be used in hydraulic, textile, Oil Cleaning Machine papermaking, rolling, food, energy and other machinery, can handle water content below 1000PPM any insulating oil, including hydraulic oil, lubricants, compressor oil, machine oil, turbine oil, transformer oil.