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Automatic Hydraulic Press Can Be Constant Temperature

May 15, 2017

Automatic hydraulic press (hydraulic press) is a special hydraulic oil as a working medium, through the hydraulic pump as a power source, by the force of the hydraulic pump through the hydraulic pipe into the cylinder / piston, and then the cylinder / piston Several sets of each other with the seal, the seal of different locations are different, but all play a sealing effect, so that hydraulic oil can not be leaked. Finally, through the one-way valve to make the hydraulic oil in the tank cycle to the cylinder / piston cycle work to complete a certain mechanical action as a force of a mechanical.

Automatic Oil Press Machine Hydraulic presses are sorted by structure

Mainly divided into four-column hydraulic press (three-beam four-column, five-beam four-column), double-column hydraulic press, single-column hydraulic machine (C-shaped structure), frame hydraulic press.

According to the use of hydraulic press classification

Automatic hydraulic press is mainly divided into metal forming hydraulic press, bending hydraulic press, drawing hydraulic Automatic Oil Press Machine press, punching hydraulic press, powder (metal, non-metallic) forming hydraulic press, press-fit hydraulic press, extrusion hydraulic press, extrusion molding.

Widely used in the automotive industry, spare parts processing and various products of various industries stereotypes, brushes, correction and footwear, handbags, rubber, mold, shaft, bushings parts of the press fit, embossing, sheet metal parts Bending, embossing, sleeve drawing and other processes, washing machines, motors, motor vehicles, air conditioning motors, micro-motors, servo motors, wheel manufacturing, shock absorbers, motorcycles and machinery industries.

Automatic Oil Press Machine Automatic hydraulic press in the hydraulic system assembly cooler. Because the cooler plays a vital role in the hydraulic press:

1. Have enough cooling area to keep the oil temperature within the allowable range

2. Oil pressure loss is small

3. In the system load changes, easy to control the oil to maintain a constant temperature

4. have enough strength.

The installation of the cooler

The cooler is usually installed in the return line or low pressure pipeline, if necessary, can also be installed in the hydraulic pump outlet, constitute a separate cooling circuit. Details are as follows:

1. The cooler is installed in the main relief valve overflow port. This type of installation is characterized by the direct or cooling of the hot oil produced by the relief valve, and is not affected by the impact pressure of the system. The check valve can be used as a function to prevent the hydraulic fluid from returning directly to the tank at start-up The

2. Automatic Oil Press Machine Cooling installed in the main return to the oil. This type of installation is characterized by the fact that the cooler is mounted directly on the main return line and the cooling speed is fast. However, when the system circuit has an impact pressure, the cooler is required to withstand higher pressure.

3. Separate cooling circuit Independent cooling circuit is a bit; a separate hydraulic pump will heat the working medium into the cooler, the cooler from the impact of hydraulic shock.