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Characteristics Of Hydraulic Press

Jul 28, 2017

Hydraulic press, also known as hydraulic sesame oil machine, is now used in many places to crush Sesame, walnut and other high-grade oils. Hydraulic press belongs to the static oil production, the oil rate relative to the spiral press is low, the power consumption is small, Hydraulic Oil Press the equipment is many and the area is large. However, the mechanism oil of liquid pressing oil has the advantages of simple structure and power saving, it can be applied to some scattered oil (such as rice bran, wild oil), and the need to maintain special flavor or nutrition of oil (such as cocoa beans, olive oil, sesame seeds, etc.) of the grinding slurry. In addition, Hydraulic Oil Press it can be used for the separation of the press of the solid fat or wax bran.

Working principle of Hydraulic Press:

Hydraulic oil machine is to use hydraulic fluid pressure through the pump, the machine installed a temperature control device, so that oil in high pressure and high temperature state of the extraction machinery. Hydraulic Oil Press According to the driving power source of the oil pump, there are two kinds of manual and electric; Vertical Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press use method Flow: Hydraulic Press is also known as hydraulic sesame oil machine, sesame oil machine and so on. Hydraulic sesame oil machine is the simplest operation in mechanical oil, the highest oil output rate, the replacement of the least vulnerable parts of a press, is currently a substitute for small grinding sesame oil manual operation of the most advanced equipment, because each squeeze less (1-15 kg/time), short time (8-12 minutes/time), particularly suitable for the current squeeze is sold. Hydraulic press is to stir up the fuel directly into the barrel of oil, the rapid manufacture of 100% pure sesame, people witnessed the production process, buy the rest assured, eat the peace of mind! The machine is dedicated to the crushing of sesame seeds, peanuts, walnut kernels, almonds, pine seeds, Hydraulic Oil Press tea seeds and other high oil crops professional equipment.

Hydraulic press with the main point of the operation of Hydraulic press, the processing of the embryo from the hopper into the cylinder. Under the action of screw thread rotation, the feeding end is gradually pushed toward the cake end. The volume of each section of the cylinder is gradually reduced, Hydraulic Oil Press and the screw thread continuously pushes the feed embryo into the pressing chamber, which pushes the product pressure, compresses the material embryo, and squeezes out the oil.

Before using the hydraulic press, all the auxiliaries and containers should be prepared, and the tightness of the belt should be checked and adjusted. Then start the motor, Hydraulic Oil Press so that the machine to air around 15min, check the speed of the screw shaft. General speed should be around 33dmin. Idling should pay attention to gear box gear meshing and sound is normal, the bearing parts and motor is normal. When the oil press idling, the motor current should be around 3A. If the current is too high, should immediately stop inspection, Hydraulic Oil Press adjust and then boot.

No-load Normal, prepare 50kg or so of rapeseed or soybeans, ready to put into the hopper. Note: Starting to press the feed can not be too fast, Hydraulic Oil Press or the pressure inside the cylinder suddenly increased, squeezing screw shaft, resulting in a squeeze, or even the crushing cage rupture, a major accident. Therefore, when the beginning of compression, feed should be evenly into the hopper, so that the oil press to run together. So many times, continue to 3~4h above, so that the temperature of the press gradually rise, even the smoke (this is the normal phenomenon). Start squeezing when the chamber temperature is low, you can slowly twist, the handle on the Spiral column, Hydraulic Oil Press increase the cake thickness, while increasing the moisture into the feed, to be pressed to the chamber temperature. Up to 90 ℃ or so, the normal operation of the oil press, the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1. 5~2. 5mm and tighten the fastening nut.