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Clean Oil Machine Has Automatic Protection Function

Aug 09, 2017

Clean oil machine adopts advanced demulsifier, dehydration, degassing, stereo flash separation.

The design of the original oil-gas separator is improved. Using vacuum oil, the tubular rotary injector is installed, the resistance is reduced, the rotational speed is accelerated and the oil-gas separation effect is increased.

The clean oil machine increases the function of regeneration and purification of metamorphic oil. The former vacuum oil filter is only a single removal of impurities and water, Oil Cleaning Machine the machine increased the silica gel system, and the silicone oil and impurities filtered into one, for the mild deterioration of the transformer oil filtered impurities, after the absorption of silicone oil purifier, Oil Cleaning Machine according to the needs of users, there are two kinds of filtration methods of the oil purifier: one is the traditional filtering Method-filter paper as the filtration medium; the other is that the filter filter is not needed for filtering oil, Oil Cleaning Machine and the two methods can be chosen by users. To meet the standard of qualified oil.

The salient features of the oil purifier are:

1. High-performance: high-precision, high-efficiency, efficiency and precision of the combination of organic, Oil Cleaning Machine short time to the oil solution to the required high purification precision. The highest precision of the net oil can reach the NAS00 level, and the purifying efficiency is more than 7 times times of the filtration product;

2, low consumption: Clean oil machine working power only 3~4kw. Centrifugal principle, no consumption of filter materials, low cost.

3, do not hurt oil: will not change the original performance of oil.

4, Multi-function: can quickly remove impurities at the same time can also remove water and gas; comprehensive function.

5. Long life: The design is firm, durable, reliable, Oil Cleaning Machine the friction pair realizes self-lubricating, the wear quantity is small, the life is long.

6, easy to use, large amount of pollution: easy to operate, easy to move, convenient for users to connect the equipment to the system to achieve on-line purification. Can be 3000 grams of sewage capacity, the normal use of the case, maintenance cycle long.

7, environmental protection and safety no pollution: set up a variety of automatic protection functions, no pollutants and pollution gas emissions, to protect the health of operators, Oil Cleaning Machine can reduce waste oil, waste liquid and waste filter emissions, conducive to the protection of the environment.