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High Oil Yield Of Hydraulic Press

Oct 18, 2017

Hydraulic oil press covers an area of large, less power consumption, better quality of the cake, in China's rural use of a wider, it is used to peanut, soybeans, cottonseed and rapeseed oils and other crops to squeeze out oil, in order to eat.

Compared with traditional horizontal wood or iron presses, Hydraulic Oil Press the hydraulic press in addition to improving and inheriting the traditional shelling, playing powder, fried powder technology, the biggest advantage is greatly improve the production efficiency of oil: the traditional oil press takes 10 hours of work, Hydraulic Oil Press now it only takes less than 2 hours to complete, the speed is 5 times times the original, But the oil rate has not changed or even higher, the synthetic cost of artificial and so on.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Press.

After each work 50 hours should check the lubrication situation, the gearbox above the oil cup shall not be short of oil, squeeze screw shaft adjustment screw internal bearing should be adjusted in the screw hole to extract the butter once, Hydraulic Oil Press strictly prohibited dry mill.

The lubrication parts should prevent dust and other impurities intrusion, every year to check the gearbox oil quality once, if found deterioration, should replace all the oil.

When the crushing volume is reduced, the cake or out of oil is not normal, Hydraulic Oil Press should squeeze the screw shaft out, check the squeeze screw, squeeze bar, out of the cake head, the wear of the cake mouth, wear parts to be replaced in a timely manner.

After each class work, should clear the machine residual cake, clean the surface of the machine dust grease.

The production season after the end of long-term storage, Hydraulic Oil Press should be maintained once, and the squeeze screw, squeezed strip, out of the cake head and wash the oil, put in the dry place.

Hydraulic Press-multistage pressing, once squeezed.

Oil purity-to ensure the purity of oil, in line with the health and quarantine standards.

Small footprint-you need 10-20 square meters to meet the use.

Conceive novel Mechatronics

Design science, reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe and stable, Hydraulic Oil Press the use of fully automated devices, from the feed to the finished product only a few minutes.

Fine material Process Precision

The use of high carbon steel, high frequency quenching, heat treatment from, high hardness, strength, wear resistance, to adapt to high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, Hydraulic Oil Press improve the life of the oil press, the use of time up to dozens of years.

The reasonable oil yield of the chamber is high

The principle of multi-stage progressive pressurization is used to make the pressure increase rapidly, so that the oil can be separated in one time, Hydraulic Oil Press and then the infrared temperature control system is used to control the pressing temperature and water, so that the oil directly softens and activates the oil molecule, the squeezing is stable, and the yield is greatly improved.