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High Oil Yield Of Screw Press

Aug 21, 2017

Screw press is a continuous oil-pressing equipment which is extruded into cake and side extruding grease when the spiral shaft is used to rotate the material billet in the cage. Compared with "hydraulic press", its notable features are:

① production of continuous, Screw Oil Press single processing capacity of large;

② can adapt to a variety of oil;

Dynamic squeezing, frictional heating, short pressing time and high oil yield of ③ screw Press

④ cake thin easily crushed;

The operation labor intensity of ⑤ screw press is low.

Operation Steps of Screw Press

Oil press refers to the use of mechanical external forces, by raising the temperature, activating the fuel molecule, oil from the oil squeeze out of the machine. Can be divided into domestic press, Screw Oil Press hydraulic mechanism oil machine, spiral oil machine, the new hydraulic press oil machine, high efficiency fine filtration press, fully automatic presses.

Screw press technology leading, high oil yield, adaptability, Screw Oil Press can be used for cold pressing and hot pressing. Apply to peanut, sesame, rapeseed, tea seeds, soybeans, sunflower seeds, cottonseed and other oils and oil production of squeezed oil.

1, spiral oil press before use. You must read this manual carefully and be familiar with the performance characteristics and operation methods of the machine.

2, Screw press before the boot. Must carry on a comprehensive inspection first, each fastener should not loosen, the handle rotates nimbly, rotates the belt pulley with the hand, each running parts should be normal, must not have the unusual sound, then raises in the deceleration box 20th no mechanical oil. Loosen the locking nut, Screw Oil Press counterclockwise rotation adjustment screw, so that the cone of the squeeze screw out of the cake mouth cone, and then clockwise spin out adjustment screw 2 laps, and then tighten the lock nut, ready to boot.

3, at this time temperature controller on the green light, red light off. When the machine temperature rises to the set temperature, and the red light, green light off, Screw Oil Press the machine temperature is automatic control and maintain at the set temperature of 130-180 degrees. Press the main engine to turn the button host to start running, the spiral axis direction should be counterclockwise rotation.

4, screw press installation should be carried out 2-8 hours of grinding: The method is to use the oil has been squeezed cake (rapeseed cake). Soy cake, peanut cake, cotton or cotton shell, forming smooth, remember to start grinding do not pour material directly into the hopper, and by hand to feed into the appropriate, Screw Oil Press in order to prevent the screw thread die, such as feeding too fierce, the squeeze inside abnormal sound or squeeze screw shaft card die, should immediately stop, eliminate obstruction, reassemble after the start of the grinding, Screw Oil Press strictly prohibit the forced trailer or reverse blanking.

5, often when the oil, must keep the feed evenly, not too little or off the material idling, at this time the machine load is normal. Smooth running, sound rhythm: the cake thickness normal control in 0.5-2mm, the cake is smooth. Low pressure section of the basic slag, high-pressure section has a small amount of diesel, Screw Oil Press but slag in the proportion of oil is not greater than 10%, the pressure chamber temperature can reach 130-1800 degrees, out of the mouth of the cake smoke should be discharged through the smoke pipe. Squeeze out hot cakes in time to spread out, in order to avoid spontaneous combustion. When the continuous working time is longer and the machine temperature is too high, the cooling measures such as fan hair should be adopted.

6, when the oil from the spiral oil flow into the filter tank above, press the vacuum pump button, (the vacuum pump begins to run, the air in the oil bucket is pulled out, the barrel is also negative pressure, the oil on the top is naturally flowing into the filter oil bucket, Screw Oil Press and the diesel is isolated on the filter cloth.) When the oil is finished, stop the vacuum pump, open the valve on the oil bucket: the dry slag on the filter cloth, scrape with the scraper, (forbid the formation of the negative pressure in the bucket) oil from the bottom of the oil drum valve release.