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High Oil Yield Of Screw Press

Aug 31, 2017

Spiral Oil Press is a new type of oil press equipment, in today's oil press industry, each kind of oil press prevalent, each have their own characteristics, then the spiral oil press is the characteristics of what?

Screw press of the squeeze screw using alloy materials, Screw Oil Press is the hardness and wear resistance of the screw has been improved. The smooth and effective guarantee of the precision of the oil line, the improvement of oil yield has a great effect. Spiral Oil Press Other components are used in the domestic top brands, Screw Oil Press so more stable production, the fuselage is stainless steel material, so there is anti-rust effect.

Spiral Oil press production process health clean, efficient and fast, in line with the national requirements for oil press.

What is the working principle and characteristic of screw oil press?

(1) The working principle of the screw oil press the general process of taking the fuel is summed up, because the rotating spiral shaft in the squeezing chamber of the propulsive role, Screw Oil Press so that the volume of the squeeze chamber is shrinking and the squeeze material produced a continuous squeezing effect.

The basic process of squeezing oil is generally divided into three stages: The Feed preloading (low pressure) section, the main press (high-pressure oil) section, the cake drain (voltage regulator) section.

(2) The formation of pressure in the Chamber includes: the reduction of the spare volume of the ①, forcing the squeeze to form pressure. Screw Oil Press The change regularity of his axial reduction reflects the change of pressure in a certain extent, and ② reduces the gap of the pie ring and increases the reaction force of the material.

(3) Pressure distribution

① Free Volume v approximate the volume of space between the outer surface of each guide of the spiral shaft and the inner surface of the squeezed cage, called the "spare volume" of the Guide (single threaded thread into the pitch), obtained by geometrical calculation.

② Compression ratio is also known as "spare volume ratio", there is a helical axis adjacent to the two lead distance corresponding to the ratio of spare volume, that is e1-2=v1/v2; Total Compression ratio E is also known as "press or squeeze compression ratio", Screw Oil Press the system feed end of the first lead-free volume and the cake end of a guide to the corresponding free volume ratio, that is e=vj/vch. The value required is greater than the actual compression ratio en, and each guide should be so,

(4) Spiral oil extraction mechanism is characterized by the use of spiral shaft in the cage to rotate the material billet, edge extrusion into a cake, edge extrusion oil equipment continuous type. Compared with the "hydraulic press" is characterized by: production continuity, single processing capacity is large, Screw Oil Press can adapt to a variety of oil, dynamic press extrusion, friction heating, short squeeze time, high oil yield, cake thin easily crushed; The disadvantage is that the relative energy consumption is large, the consumable parts are many, the mechanical fault maintenance requirements are high, and the heat effect of the cake is bigger.

Screw press is a continuous oil-pressing equipment which is extruded into cake and side extruding grease when the spiral shaft is used to rotate the material billet in the cage. Screw Oil Press Compared with "hydraulic press", its notable features are:

① production of continuous, single processing capacity of large;

② can adapt to a variety of oil;

Dynamic squeezing, frictional heating, short pressing time and high oil yield of ③ screw Press

④ cake thin easily crushed;

The operation labor intensity of

⑤ screw press is low.