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How To Maintain The Press

Dec 02, 2016


(1) check the oil pool, oil level, oil standard is in accordance with the prescribed standards, if do not meet should be timely to fill oil.

(2) check button flexible, do you have any jam.

(3) check whether the motor earthing line is loose, fall off or damage. If there is loose should tighten, loss or damage shall be notified to maintenance personnel.

(4) check whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable.

(5) check whether the handle flexible.

(6) Tighten loose parts nut 

Press class maintenance in 

(1) to start the pump, check that the hydraulic pump effect is good, have the sealing parts and pipeline blockage and leakage.

(2) check whether the limit switch function is good, touch pieces positioning is normal.

(3) to keep an eye on the temperature rise of the moving parts and sound is normal.

Press after maintenance

(1) check, cleaning the activity parts.

(2) the manipulation of the handle (switch) is set (zero).

(3) inspection, cleaning, sorting working face and work area.