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Hydraulic Press Has A Machine And Other Advantages

Oct 27, 2017

Hydraulic press also known as sesame sesame oil machine, sesame oil press is mainly used for individual home processing with the oil press. The product is a hydraulic automatic press of a kind, the output is not large, but simple and convenient. Now the main products are hydraulic presses and screw presses. Hydraulic Oil Press Cold pressing also has a screw press, the price is relatively low, but the oil rate is not high. As the day is the automatic screw press, it is the source of machinery more than 10 years ago in South Korea to introduce the technology, with vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Out of the product oil quality is good. Taste incense, Hydraulic Oil Press the oil rate is also high. Now mainly for rural areas to do with the processing. Or sesame oil presses in the urban area to do the field processing, so that looks more transparent production, so that customers more at ease. The development of business has great benefits. Many areas are now operating according to this model, the profits are quite rich.

Hydraulic presses are mainly used for individual processing of edible oil, such as peanuts, soybeans, oil shrimp, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, etc., almost all of the oil crops can be squeezed through the press, and it is also some rural The preferred equipment for processing edible oil merchants.Hydraulic Oil Press And the press is not subject to climate constraints, north and south all seasons, due to the oil plate device using a heating temperature control system, according to the ambient temperature, automatic adjustment of the oil temperature, in order to achieve the effect of rapid fine filter, The impact of climate, all year round can be squeezed business. Hydraulic Oil Press Spiral oil press has a high oil rate, energy saving, labor, wide use, pure oil, small footprint, the oil rate is high, all seasons, unrestricted, efficient fine filter, fast and convenient, extensive press Machine and other advantages. It is one of the first businesses to operate edible oil processing equipment.

Hydraulic press is the use of hydraulic oil pressure through the oil pump pressure, the machine is equipped with a temperature control device, so that the oil in the high pressure and high temperature oil oil extraction machinery. According to the pump drive power source there are two kinds of manual and electric; according to the pressure to cast the bread can be divided into vertical and horizontal.

The base is fixed with a cylinder, the cylinder is equipped with a cylindrical piston, piston and the upper part of the cake into a whole. The billet is pre-pressed into a round cake, an outer jacket, Hydraulic Oil Press and is wrapped between 20 and 40 rounds of cake between the cake and the top, and the cake and the cake are separated by a perforated thin plate to drive the top of the piston, Produce pressure, squeeze the cake out of oil. After pressing the pump to stop the pressure, the piston down, the cake will be unloaded, re-loaded with cake, so repeated intermittent oil, Hydraulic Oil Press each pressing about 2 to 5 hours. In the use of electric oil pump can be composed of circulating oil system, while operating several hydraulic press operation. Horizontal hydraulic press structure and working principle is basically the same as the vertical, the equipment is easy to install, smooth flow of oil, oil cake on the circle of oil; but covers an area of large, need to be equipped with the back of the heavy hammer, Hydraulic Oil Press pulley Or screw mechanism. Hydraulic press press pressure, a high oil rate, less moving parts, easy maintenance; but the loading and unloading of labor intensity is also larger.

Advantages of hydraulic press:

Efficient energy-saving oil press is the use of traditional crushing principle and modern technology combined with the ordinary oil press compared with high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, high value-added products, no loss, no noise, physical compression without heating, Hydraulic Oil Press do not add any chemical Raw materials, no oil, easy to operate, no wearing parts, long service life. Hydraulic press is the biggest advantage of the pressure is static pressure equipment, oil mechanical friction is very small, squeezed out of the oil is very clear, do not need to do any treatment can be directly consumed, convenient and safe. That the equipment has a high pressure and high temperature press oil, almost can be out of oil can be pressed oil.