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Hydraulic Press With Automatic Temperature Control Function

Sep 12, 2017

Hydraulic oil press is also called sesame oil machine, sesame oil presses are mainly used for individual home processing of hydraulic presses. The product belongs to the hydraulic automatic hydraulic press, a small output, but simple and convenient. Now the main products are hydraulic press and screw hydraulic press. Hydraulic Oil Press Cold squeeze also has a spiral hydraulic press, the price is relatively low, but the oil rate is not high. Is the heyday of the automatic spiral hydraulic press, it is the source of machinery more than 10 years ago in Korea introduced technology, with vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Hydraulic Oil Press The products come out with good oil quality. The smell is fragrant and the oil rate is high. Now mainly in rural areas for processing. or sesame hydraulic press in urban areas to do on-site processing, so that the production seems more transparent, so that customers more assured. There is great benefit to the development of the business. Many regions are now operating in this mode, Hydraulic Oil Press the profit is quite rich.

Hydraulic press is mainly used for individual merchants processing edible oil, such as peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnuts, cottonseed and so on, almost all of the oil crops can be squeezed through hydraulic presses, and it is also some of the rural business processing edible oil merchant's preferred equipment. and the hydraulic press is not subject to climatic constraints, the North and South seasons are appropriate, Hydraulic Oil Press because the oil plate device using a heating temperature control system, according to ambient temperature, automatically adjust the temperature of the hair oil to achieve rapid filtration effect, Hydraulic Oil Press so not affected by the seasons, climate, can be squeezed throughout the year. Spiral Hydraulic Press has a high oil rate, energy saving, labor, wide use, pure oil, small footprint, high yield, four seasons are appropriate, unrestricted, efficient fine filtration, fast and convenient, extensive crushing, one-machine multi-purpose advantages. It is one of the first of the businesses operating edible oil processing equipment.

We should pay attention to the following points when we use hydraulic press:

First, the use of the source machinery grain and oil machinery before, should be ready to all auxiliary equipment and containers, check and adjust the transmission belt tightness, Hydraulic Oil Press and then start the motor, so that the machine to fly around 15min, check the speed of the screw shaft. General speed should be around 33dmin. When idling to pay attention to gear box gear meshing situation and sound is normal, the bearing parts and motor is normal, hydraulic press idling, motor current should be around 3A, such as high current, Hydraulic Oil Press should immediately stop inspection, adjust and then boot.

Second, no-load normal, prepare raw materials, ready to put into the hopper. Pay attention to start pressing when the feed can not be too fast, or the pressure in the cylinder suddenly increased, squeezing screw shaft, resulting in crushing, or even the crushing cage rupture, a major accident occurred. Therefore, Hydraulic Oil Press when starting to compress, feed should be evenly and slowly into the hopper, so that the hydraulic press to run together. So many times, continuous 3~4h above, so that the temperature of the hydraulic press is gradually rising, or even smoke (this is the normal phenomenon). Start squeezing when the chamber temperature is low, you can slowly twist, the handle on the Spiral column, increase the cake thickness, while increasing the moisture into the feed, to be pressed to the chamber temperature. Up to 90 ℃ or so, the hydraulic press after normal operation, the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5~2.5mm and tighten the fastening nut.

Third, after the normal operation of the hydraulic press, the oil with high fuel content is mostly concentrated in the row and the front group round. Hydraulic Oil Press The oil in the row is about 60% of the total oil output, the former group is about 30% in the round row, and the end of the oil is very small, and the oil color is very clear. Repeatedly squeezed two or three times can be rapeseed or soy oil squeeze, in this period can be oily more oily sludge evenly mixed with human material in the embryo squeeze. When the material to keep evenly, Hydraulic Oil Press should not be more or less, otherwise it will affect the life of multi-functional hydraulic press and oil yield.

Four, the operation process should often check the hydraulic press of the cake, and control the moisture content of the embryo is not too high or low. Normal out of the cake should be flaky, on the side of the squeezing screw shaft smooth, the other side has a lot of fur lines. such as out of the cake loose, or out of shape, the color of the deep, with the hands of a pinch that is a fragment, Hydraulic Oil Press which indicates that the embryo material and water too little, such as the cake weak, into a large-scale, or oil foam increase, then the water too much. Under normal circumstances, the round row between the slag or very little slag, in the row out of slag, such as the slag is a fine sheet of water, the powder slag shows that less water. In addition, the change of oil position can be seen whether the squeeze water is suitable, when the water is too high or too low, the oil position is the same.