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Hydraulic Presses Meet The Modern Pursuit Of Green Food

Jul 18, 2017

The hydraulic press presses are available in a wide range of oil crops and can be used to press rapeseed, soybeans, peanuts, cottonseed, sunflower seeds and tung seed. And because the hydraulic press design is compact, easy installation, the use of three-stage press and vacuum filtration system, which greatly improve the quality of oil to ensure that the flavor is pure, authentic.

For those who either at home to eat their own oil or ready to open the oil mill people, Hydraulic Oil Press the hydraulic press is a good choice. Processing, service urban and rural areas as long as there is a place, you can open for the public oil, rich to the head. Hydraulic press can be side to do farm work, while helping the villagers press oil machine, neither lost farm work, you can also make money, both can take into account both, Hydraulic Oil Press and then do not have to work hard, home to make money while enjoying happiness with their families The

At the same time, hydraulic press press integration to ensure the purity of oil, in line with national health and quarantine standards. Health is a blessing, only a strong body can enjoy life, love him, Hydraulic Oil Press give him the best safe cooking oil. Want to venture, give yourself a rich oil press, choose benefits and benefits, to their own life a satisfactory answer.

Had a high profile in the ad that has a reason to have a brand of tea oil has become a ridicule of Internet users, and some users are more ridiculed: "or poor people can not afford such expensive tea oil." Others said, Do not buy cooking oil, Hydraulic Oil Press buy their own razor and oil press equipment, their own oil to eat. There are friends worry: big oil business edible oil has such a serious problem, those small oil plant problem is not even more powerful?

There are some advocates of natural friends made a look "not practical" proposal: I suggest that you like my home to buy their own tea or peanuts, rapeseed, with a small oil press DIY (from the press) edible oil. For example, the home of the rural people to eat their own kinds of vegetables, their own pork, their own crops, edible oil, all of a healthy, do not have to worry about being poisoned by toxic food to the scourge.

This proposal has been a lot of friends hot. In the end since the edible oil is now unrealistic? Hydraulic press gives the answer: it is possible to achieve!

In the countryside, very few villagers go to buy ready-made edible oil. Home cooking oil is squeezed by their own agricultural writers, but a lot of places due to oil press equipment behind, the villagers want to eat safe and natural edible oil or difficult. And the hydraulic press turned out, Hydraulic Oil Press completely solve this problem. Hydraulic press has a series of products, models are also the size of the points: benefits and benefits large and medium-sized oil press for a variety of oil presses and oil mill, Hydraulic Oil Press and benefits of small oil press is applicable to individual families, regardless of rural Or urban families are applicable.

Yi Jia Yi small oil press covers an area of small, easy to operate, ordinary people will learn. More importantly, it is technologically advanced, the use of automatic temperature control device, since the fried oil, the oil rate is high and the oil bright and no residue, very consistent with the modern pursuit of green food, natural health, comprehensive services in the general personal household consumption The

Oil can DIY, do you believe it? Do not believe you can try hydraulic press, Hydraulic Oil Press in this highly developed technology era, only think, no can not do. Since the edible oil is not nothing new, but the oil press to modern DIY edible oil is more simple, the oil is better, really make food DIY become a fashion.