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Maintenance Of Oil Press

Dec 02, 2016

1.Every work 50 hours later check the lubrication situation, reducer oil cup above shall not be short of oil, yuantong squeezer shaft adjustment screw within the bearing should be adjusted screw hole out filling butter, dry grinding is forbidden.

2.The lubrication parts should prevent dust and other impurities from invading, reducer motor oil quality shall be checked once a year, metamorphism is found, all the oil should be changed.

3.When crushing amount is reduced, the bread or the oil is not normal, should take out squeezer shaft, check squeezer, pressing bar, wear and tear on the head, the mouth in cake in cake, wearing parts to change in time.

4.Machine every time after work, should remove residual cake, the surface dust, oil dirties clean machine.

5.Every time after the oil, put the screw axis off cleaning residue, at the same time with dry cloth and mouth swab swab rod rotation, to prevent clogging.