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Oil Separator Increases Oil And Gas Separation Effect

Oct 18, 2017

The oil purifier is designed according to the boiling point of water and oil, which consists of a vacuum heating tank, a fine filter, a condenser, a primary filter, a water tank, a vacuum pump, an oil pump and an electrical cabinet. The vacuum pump will be evacuated from the air in the vacuum tank, Oil Cleaning Machine external oil in the role of atmospheric pressure, oil through the inlet pipeline into the initial filter to eliminate larger particles, and then into the heating tank, after heating to 40-75 ℃ of oil through the automatic oil drift valve, Oil Cleaning Machine this valve is automatic control into the vacuum tank oil in and out of balance. After heating the oil through the jet wings quickly rotating oil separation into a half mist, the oil in the water rapidly evaporate into steam and vacuum pump into the condenser, into the condenser in the water vapor after cooling and then back to the original. Oil Cleaning Machine In the vacuum heating tank, the oil is discharged into the fine filter through the filter cartridge to filter out particulate impurities. In order to complete the vacuum oil filter quickly remove impurities, water, gas in the whole process, so that clean oil from the export department outside the machine

Main characteristics of oil purifier

NET oil machine and the international and domestic similar products compared with the following characteristics;

1, small size, light weight, is the same product weight of one-second.

2, improve the design of oil and gas separation. Using vacuum oil, Oil Cleaning Machine the tubular rotary injector is installed, the resistance is reduced, the speed of maneuver is fast, and the separation effect of oil and gas is increased.

3, according to the needs of users, Oil Cleaning Machine the filter medium part of the oil filter by the special refined filter filter medium, special refined filter is: non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene as raw materials through the melting, injection, traction, the formation of a tube-shaped filter.

4, one machine more energy, this is an important feature of this machine. Due to the use of the machine in the field, and the use of the original oil equipment to make oil tanks, so that the cycle of heat and gas between the machine and equipment, so that the filter oil, regeneration, Oil Cleaning Machine hot oil circulation drying three of functions at the same time, the provincial workers, the province, and indeed three.