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Performance And Characteristics Of Hydraulic Press

Aug 31, 2017

Hydraulic press is the simplest operation in mechanical oil, the highest oil production rate, the replacement of the least vulnerable parts of a small press, is currently a substitute for small grinding sesame oil manual operation of the most advanced equipment, because of the minimum time to extract a short, Hydraulic Oil Press especially suitable for large and medium-sized cities to buy real goods consumption psychology (oil one into the squeeze of a balm), Rural villages and towns to ensure rapid processing of incoming goods (their own fuel oil), Hydraulic Oil Press the machine is to reduce the oil after the stir-fried directly into the oil barrels to squeeze out. With simple process, fast, Hydraulic Oil Press direct outflow of pure fragrance without infiltration of false oil. In the user witnessed in the next 5-7 minutes can be processed out of oil, the person is assured that the fuel!

The main processing oil-bearing oil crops: sesame, walnut kernels, peanut kernels, soybeans, rapeseed, tea seeds, almonds, walnuts and other high oil crops.

Performance and characteristics of hydraulic press:

This machine is small in size and covers less area, easy to learn, Hydraulic Oil Press easy to understand and operate, no special requirements for operators.

The use of the machine in the process, low electricity, a variety of costs less.

More than normal two-plunger pump station, saving power 30%

This machine belongs to the hydraulic press, high pressure, high oil yield, good oily.

Hydraulic press with automatic control system, hydraulic system pressure control.

The hydraulic press base is fixed with 1 oil cylinders, Hydraulic Oil Press the cylinder is fitted with cylindrical pistons, and the upper part of the piston is connected with the cake plate as a whole. The billet is pressed into a round cake, a jacket cake circle, Hydraulic Oil Press $number a round cake stacked between the cake plate and the top plate, the cake and cake is separated by a thin plate with a hole, driving the upper of the piston, producing pressure, squeezing the cake out of the oil. After the completion of the oil pump stop pressure, piston drop, the slag cake unloading, reload the material cake, so repeatedly oil, each squeeze about 2-5 hours. In the use of electric oil pump can be composed of circulation circuit system, while the operation of several hydraulic press.