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Screw Oil Press Meets National Requirements For Oil Press

Sep 12, 2017

Spiral Oil Press is a new type of oil press equipment, in today's oil press industry, each kind of oil press prevalent, each have their own characteristics, then the spiral oil press is the characteristics of what?

Screw press of the squeeze screw using alloy materials, is the hardness and wear resistance of the screw has been improved. The smooth and effective guarantee of the precision of the oil line, Screw Oil Press the improvement of oil yield has a great effect. Spiral Oil Press Other components are used in the domestic top brands, Screw Oil Press so more stable production, the fuselage is stainless steel material, so there is anti-rust effect.

Spiral Oil press production process health clean, efficient and fast, in line with the national requirements for oil press. Brocade machinery specializing in the production of rapeseed oil Press, Screw Oil Press peanut oil press and other oil equipment.

Screw oil Press Applicable object: Rapeseed, tea seed, soy, peanut, pepper seed, sunflower seed, cottonseed, tung seed, oil palm fruit, corn, sesame and other raw materials squeeze out oil, high oil yield, multi-stage propulsion, one-time cleaning, oil yield increase $number; Screw Oil Press can automatically control the press temperature, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effective separation.

Spiral Oil Press Four advantages:

1, the collection of the most advanced oil machinery manufacturing technology at home and abroad, all the use of national standard steel and spare parts, with compact design, thick and stable, easy to install, durable, beautiful and generous characteristics. Its service life is more than three times times that of other ordinary oil press.

2. Increasing the automatic control function of stir-fry seeds and pressing chamber, changing the traditional drying and pressing heating mode, shortening the preparation time, Screw Oil Press reducing the energy consumption and machine wear, prolong the service life of the machine. If intermittent production, the cylinder can also be automatically insulated, the use of multi-stage pressure propulsion and vacuum filtration system to improve the efficiency of oil extraction and product quality.

3, the Almighty Press, one machine more use. Can be squeezed peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, oil sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor, almond, sesame seed, safflower oil and other oilseed crops.

4, north-South General, Four seasons are appropriate: because the oil plate device using a heating temperature control system, according to the ambient temperature changes automatically adjust the temperature of the hair oil to achieve rapid filtration effect, Screw Oil Press so as to ensure that in a variety of climatic conditions can also be normal production.

Screw press is a continuous oil-pressing equipment which is extruded into cake and side extruding grease when the spiral shaft is used to rotate the material billet in the cage. Screw Oil Press Compared with "hydraulic press", its notable features are:

① production of continuous, Screw Oil Press single processing capacity of large;

② can adapt to a variety of oil;

Dynamic squeezing, frictional heating, Screw Oil Press short pressing time and high oil yield of

③ screw Press

④ cake thin easily crushed;

The operation labor intensity of 

⑤ screw press is low.