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Screw Oil Press Yield Increase $number

Sep 21, 2017

Before we use the screw press, it is necessary to understand the working principle of the screw press, because it can help us to control the spiral oil press better. The Screw oil press is a kind of squeeze-making equipment which is used more recently. It has the advantages of large amount of continuous processing, short dynamic squeezing time, high oil yield and low labor intensity.

The main part of the Screw press is the pressing Chamber, which is composed of a squeezing cage and a spiral shaft rotating in the cage. Its working process is to use the spiral axis of continuous rotation driven spiral with the reduction of the guide or the diameter of the root circle gradually increased, Screw Oil Press squeeze the volume of the Chamber of space to reduce the squeeze effect; squeeze the grease out of the squeeze Cage gap, while crushing the residue into crumbs, from the end of the squeezing shaft. Screw Oil Press The pressure extracting oil can be divided into three stages, i.e., feed (preloading), main squeeze (oil), and cake (pressure drain) section.

It is mainly used in the production of individual home processing press. Screw oil press working principle of operation, will handle the material embryo belt such as Hopper, Screw Oil Press the fuel from the hopper into the squeeze chamber. The spiral of the squeeze screw pushes in and presses.

Because the material embryo in the press of the cylinder is in the operation of the state, after the treatment of oil from the hopper into the squeeze chamber. By squeezing the spiral to make the material embryo constantly advancing, because the material embryo in the press of the cylinder is in the state of motion, Screw Oil Press in the case of high-pressure pressure, the material embryo and the squeeze screw, a large friction between the pressure. This can make the material embryo and the material embryo friction, cause the relative movement. On the other side, as the diameter of the root garden of the squeeze screw is gradually thickened, the pitch is gradually reduced, Screw Oil Press the diameter of the root circle of the screw is gradually thickened, while the material layer near the surface of the screw thread rotates with the squeezing shaft, so that every germ particle in the chamber is not the same as the movement of the same direction. There is also a relative movement between the particles. Screw Oil Press The heat produced by friction meets the necessary heat in the operation of the oil extraction process, which helps to induce the protein denaturation in the embryo, destroys the colloid, increases the plasticity, reduces the viscosity of the oils, and easily squeezes out the oil, thus increasing the oil yield. Squeeze the oil out of the fuel and drain it from the gap in the garden and the gap in the bar.

Screw oil Press Applicable object: Rapeseed, tea seed, soy, peanut, pepper seed, sunflower seed, cottonseed, tung seed, oil palm fruit, corn, sesame and other raw materials squeeze out oil, high oil yield, multi-stage propulsion, one-time cleaning, oil yield increase $number; can automatically control the press temperature, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effective separation.

Spiral Oil Press Four advantages:

1, the collection of the most advanced oil machinery manufacturing technology at home and abroad, all the use of national standard steel and spare parts, with compact design, thick and stable, Screw Oil Press easy to install, durable, beautiful and generous characteristics. Its service life is more than three times times that of other ordinary oil press.

2. Increasing the automatic control function of stir-fry seeds and pressing chamber, changing the traditional drying and pressing heating mode, shortening the preparation time, Screw Oil Press reducing the energy consumption and machine wear, prolong the service life of the machine. If intermittent production, the cylinder can also be automatically insulated, the use of multi-stage pressure propulsion and vacuum filtration system to improve the efficiency of oil extraction and product quality.

3, the Almighty Press, one machine more use. Can be squeezed peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, oil sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor, almond, sesame seed, safflower oil and other oilseed crops.

4, north-South General, Four seasons are appropriate: because the oil plate device using a heating temperature control system, according to the ambient temperature changes automatically adjust the temperature of the hair oil to achieve rapid filtration effect, so as to ensure that in a variety of climatic conditions can also be normal production.

Widely used in sesame, rapeseed, groundnut kernels, cottonseed, soybeans, tea seeds, Screw Oil Press corn germ and other oil crops squeezed production.

Spiral Oil Press Features:

1. High oil yield: the use of directional pressure, multi-stage propulsion, one-time cleaning, oil yield increase $number;

2. Large quantity of production: strengthen the feeding system, Screw Oil Press increase the speed of propulsion, increase the efficiency of more than 30%

3. Automatic control: Automatic crushing temperature, built-in vacuum shunt, effective separation of oil and slag;

4. Safe and convenient: the structure is exquisite, Screw Oil Press occupies the space few, uses the full closed protection, the operation safe is convenient;

5. Durable: The fuselage uses the high quality wear-resisting steel and the anti-fatigue casting, the performance is stable, can the long-term work continuously; The machine table uses the newest material electrostatic spraying to become, the adhesion is strong, bears the greasy, Screw Oil Press bears the high temperature, both beautiful generous, also clean health.