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Spiral Press Is Widely Used

Oct 27, 2017

Screw oil, suitable for rapeseed, tea seed, soybeans, peanuts, pepper seeds, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, tung oil, oil palm, corn, sesame and other raw materials squeezed out of oil; , A squeeze the net, Screw Oil Press the oil rate increased by 10-30%; can automatically control the press temperature, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effective separation.

Spiral oil press four advantages:

1, brought together the most advanced oil extraction machinery manufacturing process, all using GB steel and spare parts, with a compact design, heavy stability, easy installation, durable, Screw Oil Press nice and so on. Its life is more than three times the other ordinary oil press.

2, an increase of fried seeds and squeeze the temperature control automatic control function, changing the traditional dry cake squeeze heating method, so that preparation time is shortened, reducing energy consumption and machine wear and prolong the life of the machine. If the intermittent production, Screw Oil Press press the chamber can also be automatically insulated; the use of multi-stage pressure propulsion and vacuum filtration system to improve the efficiency of oil extraction and oil quality.

3, all-round press, a machine with more. Can be pressed peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame seeds, tea seeds, tung seed, castor, almonds, flaxseed, safflower oilseeds and other oil crops.

4, north and south general, all seasons: because the oil pan device using a heating temperature control system, according to the ambient temperature changes automatically adjust the oil temperature, Screw Oil Press in order to achieve the effect of rapid fine filter to ensure that in a variety of climatic conditions can also be normal produce.

What are the parts of the screw press? See below for details:

Screw oil press, is the use of a wide range of oil extraction equipment, by the rack and frame, feeding mechanism, screw shaft, squeeze cage, a cake adjustment machinery, gearbox and transmission components of several parts.

(1) The feeding mechanism consists of a conical hopper and a bucket screw feeder. Screw Oil Press After the clinker enters the bucket, it is effective to prevent the lower hopper from being forced into the press chamber of the press machine due to the screw feed shaft of the hopper phenomenon.

(2) screw press machine press from the upper and lower squeeze cage made of. The inside of the front section of the press bar (there are 24 squeeze), the latter part of the installation of 17 special round circle. In the previous section, the 24 crimp strips are arranged in a circular shape, and each side of a strip is ground to a certain depth of the concave surface, and the plane of the adjacent stripes is split to form an oil gap (0.5-0-0.7 Mm). Screw Oil Press One end of each circle is polished, and the other end faces are 220 radial flow oil grooves, groove depth of 0.4--0.7 mm. When it is close to the plane of the adjacent circle, that is, the formation of oil flow gap, Screw Oil Press so that oil from the gap out of the accumulation in the oil tank.

3) There is a screw shaft in the shaft. The reeling of the material is mainly done by the special curvilinear sawtooth resistance of the squeegee and the pressing circle. The screw shaft consists of seven segments of the shaft and the shaft, and the composition of the pie. Spiral press from the raw materials into the machine to squeeze the net, 6-8 kg of raw materials only 6-10 minutes.