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Spiral Press To Increase Oil Yield

Aug 09, 2017

Spiral Oil press is to make the billet in the cylinder continuous forward, in the dynamic extrusion to extract the machine. In addition to the feeding bucket, the cylinder is the main operating part, consisting of a squeeze screw shaft and a cylindrical squeeze cage. There are two forms of single-stage and two-stage presses, with only one recumbent chamber, a double level plus a straight cylinder for the first stage of squeezing. Screw Oil Press The screw shaft is composed of a plurality of squeezing screws and a trap mounted on the shaft. Each screw has a certain pitch and a screw depth, and the pitch of each screw on one axis is shortened gradually from the feed mouth to the discharging port. The depth of the snail gradually becomes shallow, Screw Oil Press so that the volume from the inlet to the export gradually reduced, the billet into the cylinder after the squeeze spiral to the exit, the pressure gradually become larger, so that the oil will be extruded. A cylinder-shaped cage is filled with gaskets between the squeezed strip and the press Bar to form an oil gap, and the extruded oil is flowed through this gap. Large-scale spiral press squeeze Cage also equipped with scraper, scraper mouth deep squeeze, aiming at each distance ring, Screw Oil Press to prevent the billet in the cylinder in the sliding, and prevent the return of the billet, and use to adjust the cake thickness, thereby controlling the pressure, reduce the residual oil rate. In addition, the machine also makes slag cake on the surface of the cake-making mechanism, and often accompanied by a steaming wok, can make the steam fry and squeeze continuous.

The main part of the Screw press is the pressing Chamber, which is composed of a squeezing cage and a spiral shaft rotating in the cage. Its working process is to use the spiral axis of the spiral Guide to reduce or the diameter of the root circle gradually increased, Screw Oil Press stir-fried material embryo into the chamber after the under the action of screw thread rotation, the volume of squeezed chamber is reduced and the squeezing effect is squeezed; the squeezed oil squeezes out from the slot of the squeeze cage, and the residue is pressed into a chip cake, Screw Oil Press which is continuously discharged from the end of the squeezing shaft. The pressure extracting oil can be divided into three stages, i.e., feed (preloading), main squeeze (oil), and cake (pressure drain) section. Gradually the feeding end is pushed toward the end of the cake. Since the diameter of the screw thread is changed from small to large, Screw Oil Press the volume of each section in the squeeze chamber is gradually reduced, and the screw thread continuously pushes the feed embryo into the pressing chamber, which pushes the product pressure, compresses the material embryo and squeezes out the oil. At the same time to adjust the cake gap to change the thickness of the cake, the smaller the gap, the thinner the cake, the pressure in the chamber is greater. In addition, the material embryo is in the chamber of Motion, causes the material embryo and the row, the Garden Platoon, the material embryo and the squeeze snail, the material embryo and the material embryo friction, and produces the massive heat, causes the material embryo in the barrel inside the temperature to gather rises, such advantageous material embryo inside fat outflow, enhances the oil rate.