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The Characteristics Of Automatic Hydraulic Press

Jun 21, 2017

Automatic hydraulic press (hydraulic press) is a special hydraulic oil as a working medium, through the hydraulic pump as a power source, by the force of the hydraulic pump through the hydraulic pipe into the cylinder / piston, and then the cylinder / piston Several sets of matching seals, different locations of the seals are different, but have played a role in sealing, so that hydraulic oil can not be leaked. Finally, Automatic Oil Press Machine through the one-way valve to make the hydraulic oil in the tank cycle to the cylinder / piston cycle work to complete a certain mechanical action as a force of a mechanical.

1 structure

Automatic hydraulic press from the host and control agencies composed of two parts. Automatic hydraulic machine host part, including the fuselage, master cylinder, ejector cylinder and filling device. Power mechanism by the fuel tank, high pressure pump, low pressure control system, motor and a variety of pressure valves and directional valves and other components. Power mechanism in the electrical device under the control of the pump and cylinder and a variety of hydraulic valve to achieve energy conversion, Automatic Oil Press Machine regulation and transportation, to complete a variety of process operations cycle.

2 classification

Automatic hydraulic press is sorted by structure

Mainly divided into four-column automatic hydraulic machine (three-beam four-column, five-beam four-column), double-column automatic hydraulic machine, single-column automatic hydraulic machine (C-shaped structure), frame automatic hydraulic press.

According to the use of automatic hydraulic press classification

Mainly divided into metal forming automatic hydraulic machine, bending automatic hydraulic machine, drawing automatic hydraulic press, punching automatic hydraulic machine, powder (metal, non-metallic) forming automatic hydraulic press, pressing automatic hydraulic press, Automatic Oil Press Machine extrusion automatic hydraulic press, extrusion molding.

3 Features

Automatic hydraulic pump direct drive automatic hydraulic machine has the following characteristics

1, automatic hydraulic machine The length of the travel of the beam depends on the amount of liquid supply to the pump, and the process of forging deformation resistance has nothing to do. If the pump supply capacity is constant, the automatic hydraulic machine operating speed for the fixed value.

2, the pump supply pressure and the power consumption of the workpiece and the deformation resistance of the workpiece, the work of deformation resistance, the pump supply pressure and the power consumption is also large, otherwise small.

3, can use the activities of constant beam travel speed and pump pressure changes in the characteristics of the flow as a signal to manipulate the distributor to achieve automatic control of automatic hydraulic press.

4, the basic investment province, small footprint, Automatic Oil Press Machine daily maintenance and maintenance simple. The hydraulic pumps in the pump direct drive system are selected according to the maximum working speed and working pressure of the automatic hydraulic press. The automatic hydraulic press is not fully utilized when the filling machine, the return process, the auxiliary process and the required working pressure are small , Automatic Oil Press Machine Especially the large tonnage of the automatic hydraulic machine, the utilization factor is very low. Therefore, the automatic hydraulic press tends to classify the working speed and working pressure

4 use

Widely used in the automotive industry, spare parts processing and various products of various industries stereotypes, brushes, correction and footwear, handbags, rubber, mold, shaft, bushings parts of the press fit, embossing, sheet metal parts Bending, embossing, Automatic Oil Press Machine sleeve stretching and other technology, washing machines, motors, motor vehicles, air-conditioning motors, micro-motors, servo motors, wheel manufacturing, shock absorbers, motorcycles and machinery industries.