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The Characteristics Of The Press

Dec 02, 2016

1, with compressed air as the driving force, the operation is simple.

2, no noise produced by hydraulic system standby, can save power consumption, reduce production costs.

3, using the empty oil pressure principle, achieve dynamic speed, higher power requirements.

4, adjust the output is simple, only need to adjust the pneumatic pressure, can achieve to the output.

5, the machine structure of strong, easy to operate, convenient loading, conform to the working efficiency.

6, multi-function purpose is suitable for the pumped, punching, riveting, assembly, cutting, etc.

7, safety design, comfortable operation, humane considerations, suitable for long-term operation.

8, four-post type door type open space design, custom can accept special specification requirements.

9, optional workbench: 650 * 550 * 700 (mm)