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The Mechanical Principle Of Press

Dec 02, 2016

Press driven by motor through the driving mechanism work agency, on workpiece process. Transmission mechanism for the belt drive, gear retarding mechanism; Screw mechanism with working mechanism and crank connecting rod mechanism and the hydraulic cylinder.

Press screw press, three categories of crank press and hydraulic press. Crank press is also known as mechanical press.

Screw press with no fixed bottom dead center, the larger die forgings, can blow forming for many times, can undertake singles, even playing and inching. Force is associated with the deformation of workpiece, the deformation force is small, large deformation small, such as cold hit force. In these respects, it is similar to forging hammer. But its force by rack closed, so the work is smooth, vibration is much less than forging hammer, don't need a lot of foundation.

Press the lower part of the ejection device is equipped with forging. Screw press and forging hammer, mechanical press and other forging machinery, universal sex is strong, can be used for forging, blanking, deep drawing process. In addition, the screw press has simple structure, easy to manufacture, so widely used.