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The Oil Purifier Meets The Qualified Oil Standard

Oct 27, 2017

The oil purifier is a purifying device for the preparation of high-clean oil, Oil Cleaning Machine which has a purifying effect on particles of any size and any composition, and has a large capacity.

The main purpose of the oil purifier

1, can be used for various types of oil-immersed transformers, Oil Cleaning Machine oil-immersed current and voltage transformers and high pressure less oil circuit breakers, the field of oil and fuel.

2, can be used for the above-mentioned equipment on-site hot oil circulation drying, especially for oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and high pressure less oil circuit breaker on-site hot oil circulation is more effective.

3, can be used for sealing oil immersion equipment on-site vacuum filling and fuel and equipment vacuum.

4, can also be used for mild deterioration of the transformer oil regeneration purification, Oil Cleaning Machine so that the performance of qualified oil standards.

Main Features of Oil Purifier

1, small size, light weight.

2, the use of vacuum into the oil, the device installed tubular rotary injector, reducing the resistance to speed up the rotation speed, an increase of oil and gas separation effect.

3, an increase of metamorphic oil regeneration purification function, an increase of silica gel oil system, and silica gel oil and impurities filter into one, Oil Cleaning Machine for the mild deterioration of the transformer oil filter impurities, after the adsorption of silicone oil purifier regeneration, Oil Cleaning Machine So that it meets the standard of qualified oil.

4, the oil purifier part of the filter method there are two: one is the traditional method of oil filter - filter paper as a filter medium; another method is not required filter paper special fine filter element for the oil filter media.

5, a machine can be more. When used in the field, Oil Cleaning Machine the use of the original oil equipment to do storage tanks, so that hot oil between the equipment cycle, so that the oil filter, renewable, hot oil circulation three functions at the same time. Provincial workers, time-saving, indeed three purposes in one fell swoop.