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The Operating System Of Automatic Hydraulic Press

Jul 05, 2017

Advantages of automatic hydraulic presses:

1. Product processing and picking up and placed very convenient, placed directly on the mold, a button by the product automatically into the processing area.

2. The use of automatic feeding workers greatly improve the operation of a lot of security, not like the traditional old punch as often rushed to the hands of the situation, reduce the number of accidents, production costs greatly reduced, serve multiple purposes.

3. Automatic feed punch with two-handed button operation mode, Automatic Oil Press Machine only two hands at the same time press the two start button table will enter the processing area processing, to avoid a hand by one hand still in the processing area, safety greatly improved.

4. Automatic feeding hydraulic press can be more customer requirements to install infrared photoelectric protection device for the safety of operation to increase security.

5. Automatic feeding structure is simple, Automatic Oil Press Machine not easy to problems, maintenance is also convenient.

6. According to customer requirements using pneumatic or hydraulic feeding methods, a variety of options.

7. Cold pressing or hot pressing device can be set according to production requirements.

Automatic hydraulic machine features:

1. Using four-post three-plate structure, the vertical accuracy of the movable board is controlled by four precision guide sets, Automatic Oil Press Machine and the parallel precision of the lower working face and the working face is 0.08MM.

2. The series of hydraulic machine tools to 1-14MPA liquid pressure as the power source, external three-phase AC380V 50HZ or three-phase AC220 60HZ AC power. The total power consumption does not exceed 3.7KW. (Customers can also use single-phase AC220 civilian power supply)

3. The series of equipment to liquid as a medium to transfer energy, high efficiency, Automatic Oil Press Machine an average of the cutting cycle of less than 0.6 seconds.

4. Equipment standby noise no more than 80 decibels. (Use single-phase motor, standby noise of 85 dB)

5. The use of adjustable positioning cylinder, the bottom dead center positioning accuracy, repeat the accuracy of 0.01mm below .100% guarantee cutting depth

6. With automatic counting function, manual and semi-automatic two kinds of control, manual can be pressed on the mold in any range, with emergency pick up button, Automatic Oil Press Machine can also be installed infrared hand device

7. *** large cutting area up to 580MM * 350MM (equivalent to 21-inch LCD screen)

8. The descending speed of the spindle is 88MM / s,

9. Pressure, cutting the trip, press the time, close the height of customers can adjust their own, easy to operate;

10. Hydraulic system built-in fuel tank at the bottom, the appearance of clean, stable. Bench with casters and feet under the table, can be light to move, the series *** large model weight does not exceed 1000KG

The operating system of automatic hydraulic press

1, the adjustment handle on the machine at the factory has been adjusted properly, non-commissioning personnel can not be arbitrarily transferred.

2, the hydraulic machine personnel should have the appropriate qualifications, Automatic Oil Press Machine must be holders of posts, is strictly prohibited on the machine do not understand the use of hydraulic press. The same time as the above-

3, before the class should wear the provisions of the labor protection supplies. Hydraulic press

4, check the following items before starting: photoelectric protection device is reliable, the trip switch is sensitive, fasteners are loose. The same time as the above-

5, clear the work surface and die debris, adjust the work pressure, slider travel, Automatic Oil Press Machine empty car running for one to two minutes, all normal to work.