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The Working Process Of The Screw Press

Jul 18, 2017

The screw press is a machine in which the blank is continuously advanced in the press chamber and the crude oil is squeezed under dynamic squeezing. In addition to the hopper, the press chamber is the main part of the operation, by a squeeze screw and cylinder squeeze cage composition. Screw Oil Press There are two types of single-stage press and two-stage press, single-stage only one horizontal press chamber, two-stage plus a straight press to carry out the first level press. The squeeze shaft consists of a number of crimps and loops on the shaft. Each screw has a certain pitch and screw depth, and a shaft on the pitch of the screw from the feed to the discharge port gradually shortened, the screw gradually become shallow, so that the volume of the press from the import to the export gradually To reduce the billet into the press after the squeeze screw thread level to the exit, the pressure gradually increased, Screw Oil Press so the oil will be squeezed out. Cylindrical squeeze crates and squeeze the installation of gasket to form a gap between the oil, squeezed out of the oil that is through the gap.

The squeegee press of the screw press is also equipped with a scraper blade, and the scraper is deeply pressed into the chamber and aligned with each other to prevent the slab from slipping in the press chamber and to prevent the billet and to adjust the thickness of the cake Corresponding to control the pressure of the press chamber, Screw Oil Press reducing the residual oil rate. In addition, the machine also has a smooth surface of the cake cake, etc., and often accompanied by steamed wok, Screw Oil Press the oil can be steamed and pressed continuously.

The main part of the screw press is the squeeze chamber, squeezing chamber is with the squeeze cage and in the squeeze cage rotation of the screw shaft composition. Its work process is the use of screw shaft screw lead to narrow or root circle diameter gradually increased, frying a good material embryo into the press after the press, the screw thread in the rotation under the action, so that the size of the press chamber is shrinking And squeeze the squeeze; squeeze out the squeeze from the squeeze out of the gap, while the residue pressed into a chip cake, Screw Oil Press from the end of the squeeze axis continue to discharge. Squeeze oil in general can be divided into three stages that feed (preload) section, the main squeeze (out of oil) section, into a cake (heavy pressure oil) section. Gradually feed the end towards the end of the cake. Due to squeeze screw thread diameter from small to large changes, so that the volume of each chamber gradually reduced; and because of the thread thread continuously pushed into the material embryo, Screw Oil Press so that after the resistance to push the product pressure, Embryo, squeeze the oil out. At the same time adjust the cake gap to change the thickness of the cake, the smaller the gap, the thinner the cake, press the pressure inside the chamber. In addition, the material embryo in the press chamber was motion state, resulting in material embryo and row row, garden row, material embryo and squeeze, material embryo and material embryo friction, and produce a lot of heat, so that the embryo in the press Temperature rise, so that there is a good embryo out of oil, improve the oil rate.