1TPD Olive Oil Production Line

1tpd olive oil production line Olive oil is one of the oldest of all cultural assets. It is thought that olive trees were being cultivated as long as 6000 years ago in Asia Minor. Around 1600 B.C. the Phoenicians spread the use of olives through Crete and Egypt to the rest of the Mediterranean...

Product Details

1tpd olive oil production line:

From smaller-scale local artisan operations to the large-scale industrial olive oil production line, our company can supply solutions that ensure cost-effectiveness, documented reliability and any combination of technological capabilities, product specifications and the quality level that your particular operation requires. 

We are one of the few companies in the world that provides equipment capable of meeting the entire spectrum of olive processing priorities and requirements – from initial defoliation to extraction and final packaging (bag-in-box filling) – for plants of almost any size, capacity, and complexity.

Product Characteristic

 ●Cleaning and washing

Effective removal of leaves, dirt, stones, etc. is essential for ensuring the hygienic conditions required for high-quality olive oil. Gentle but effective washing before olive oil extraction also helps protect the machinery from excessive wear and tear. And it can safeguard the integrity of the fruit.

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In the olive oil refinery, paste preparation is another critical step in determining both the quantity and quality of the oil. The paste can be prepared in different ways before proceeding to the subsequent malaxing stage in accordance with each producer’s particular wishes.

Paste preparation and oil extraction

Heating, retention and mixing (malaxing) are crucial steps in the olive oil extraction process. It plays a major role in determining the quality and quantity of the oil. The combination of time and temperature affects the enzymatic activity responsible for the release of the oil.


Compact reliable decanter centrifuges are very specially designed for high-efficiency clarification, extraction, dewatering, and classification on the first and second extraction (re-milling). They bring you all the benefits of reliable, cost-effective operation, low water consumption, limited effluent and easy, accurate control.



The final quality of the olive oil depends on the level of purity obtained from the final clarification. The high speed separators are carefully configured to provide gentle oil treatment, outstanding separation efficiency and good serviceability, as well as easy installation and operation.

●Automation and control

Easy-to-use control systems are also essential in ensuring olive oil of high quality and consistent specifications. We provides a comprehensive selection of mechanical, electrical and electronic automation systems to monitor and control olive oil processing operations. These pave the way to better quality as well as set-ups that match the manpower available, and provide operational data, tracking and self-diagnostics.


With 20 years' experience, our factory is one of the leading high-quality and durable 1tpd olive oil production line manufacturers and suppliers in China. As one of the famous brands, you can be free to buy the cheap equipment in our factory.